Maria Widström

Maria is the CEO of Improviate. She helps businesses to improve their change capacity through development initiatives. Maria’s professional experience is primarily in business development, process orientation and change management. She combines consulting tasks with her role as a trainer and certifier in change management. Maria is a high-energy, team-oriented person who is skilled at communicating and gaining the trust of employees at all different levels of a business.

072-322 82 80

Helena Werner

Helena works with process and business development and improving clients’ change readiness and development capacity. She has previously played various roles in line organisations, working with strategic and complex development initiatives. Helena also works as a trainer and certifier in change management and business management. Clients appreciate her analytical skills as well as her ability to deliver. Helena is a dedicated, social, inquisitive person with a solution-oriented and team-based working style.

070-377 28 82

Åsa Suomalainen

Åsa Suomalainen

Åsa works with people and business change.  She has many years of experience in leading roles within Sales, IT and Finance as well as organisational development. Åsa is open minded, structured, and with the broad background used to see things from different perspectives, which is an advantage when it comes to undertstanding company cultures and needs. Several years in Art school has given Åsa the ability to work with creativity, make the unseen visible and finding new solutions. Åsa is Certified Prosci Change Practitioner and certified in New Leadership training.

070-633 21 05