We at improviate want to help to make a difference on several levels. We combine business-driven and voluntary initiatives under the heading of social entrepreneurship. The volunteer work involves learning and development for us at Improviate as well as for the NGOs we work with. We think our volunteer work is very rewarding, and it’s fun to share our experiences from the business World.

Internationella Bekantskaper, IB

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One non profit organisation that Improviate supports is Internationella Bekantskaper, (IB).

Internationella Bekantskaper's vision is a country where everybody is comfortable with the Swedish language and involved in society. The organisation works with creating contacts between persons who speak Swedish and persons who want to learn Swedish to establish themselves in the Swedish society. Internationella Bekantskaper organises different activities to facilitate interaction and integration, always with a focus on practicing the Swedish language. IB reaches out to different groups through for example language cafés or homework assistance. With better knowledge of the local language, cultural differences can be overcome and new friendships can be formed between persons with different mother tongues.

We’re thrilled that Improviate can be a part of this as a monetary sponsor as well as participating ourselves in the different activities.