Build your change capacity and create a force for change in your organisation.

The experts at improviate understand organisational development as well as individuals’ abilities and journeys of change. We equip our clients with change competence and are generous with our experiences and skills. We employ structured methods in the development and implementation stages, and our many years of experience have given us a broad portfolio of proven methods and tools. Everything we do is characterised by genuine commitment to guiding our clients forwards while working to leave an impression behind.

Individual change initiatives

In collaboration with our clients, we create lasting behavioural changes and actual business benefit that ensure real change. We offer individual development initiatives, supporting your company’s solutions and implementation.

Strategic management and development

We help our clients to prioritise their change initiatives from the perspective of solutions and overall implementation. We help to create the conditions you need for long-term business benefit growth.

Organisational development

Our aim is to enhance the change readiness of managers and employees alike, through two forms of skills enhancement: consulting services and training courses, both open and internal. We also establish job roles and permanent positions in business development and change management.