Nordic Implementation Conference

Attending the third Nordic Implementation Conference in Copenhagen, a two-day conference with professionals from human service sectors such as Health, Social Welfare and Education. Dr John Lavis from Mcmaster University in Canada kicked it off as one of the key note speakers. He highlighted the importance of mitigating the gaps between "know and do"  and the importance of speeding up rapid learning in Health and social science. The first day was filled with discussions around how to introduce evidence based research into practice. Coming from the change management field we summed up the day with some reflections:

1.  Working with Change Management we need to challenge ourselves and push our boundaries to include and understand different contexts where change is happening
2. The are many different entry points to the area on Implementation and ideas of what it includes.  Here we see Change Management as a dicipline focusing on front line execution
3. We can never talk too much and stress the importance of realizing customer value working with change

As a change manager, what are your experiences and reflections on Implementation science?