Our mission

We empower our clients to make a difference, by supporting business improvements and helping to build change-readiness in the organisations. 

Our values

We at Improviate focus on individuals working together to make a difference, for our clients, our employees and society as a whole. Our values and guiding stars: Courage – Commitment – Curiosity – permeate every aspect of our daily and long-term work, both internally and in collaboration with our clients and external forces.

: We dare to challenge our clients and ask the tough questions their organisation needs to consider to obtain the best possible results. We’re open and honest, with great integrity.

Commitment: At Improviate we believe in what we do, and we do it gladly. We deliver what we promise, always. Generosity is important to us and we believe in collaboration within the company and in networks to make the most of skills, ideas and synergies.

Curiosity: Continuously evolving as individuals, taking in new knowledge and new perspectives, is always our focus. We strive to think innovatively, to improve and find solutions to challenges we and our clients face.

Our customers

We work for commercial businesses, government agencies and the public service sector as well as non-profit organisations. We at Improviate have extensive experience from a wide range of industries, but all of our clients are organisations that:

  • Want to develop and are ready to put in the effort

  • Understand that successful business development is a combination of individual journeys of change and a sustainable solution

  • Understand the importance of working with the culture and behaviours in order to reap the benefits of development work