The goal of our training courses is to give our participants the knowledge, insight and concrete tools they need to pursue change and development measures. We offer open and company-specific courses led by our own staff and through partners.

Change Management

Proacteur, a partner of Improviate, offers change management (CM) training courses based on the world-leading research company Prosci’s best-practice studies. Maria Widström and Helena Werner are Prosci Certified Instructors for proacteur, Prosci's Primary Affiliate in Sweden and Denmark, offering public open enrollment Change Management Certification training, as well as role-based onsite company specific training programs. The courses are held in English, Swedish or Danish. Read more about Prosci at and proacteur at

The following CM training packages are available:
prosci CM Certification Programme for practitioners
prosci CM Managers Programme for managers and supervisors
prosci CM Sponsor Briefing for executives and senior leaders
prosci Delivering project results for project managers and complete project teams
prosci CM Orientation for Employees for front-line employees impacted by change
The courses are developed by Prosci and are held worldwide. Sign up for the CM Certification Programme at: or For further inquiry of other training packages please contact Maria Widström at or Helena Werner at