Developing and implementing business plans

Samtrafiken is a service development company that works to facilitate public transport. Samtrafiken is the collaborative arena for public transport, an independent party owned by 37 different transport companies. Improviate was asked to develop a business plan with extensive involvement from all parts of the business. The plan involved development work with service portfolios, trends analysis, the company’s values, business principles and vision. Today the business plan is a natural part of Samtrafiken’s organisational planning and management.

"Maria was an engaging, constructive consultant. She listened and drew astute conclusions. The staff appreciated her commitment and as CEO I appreciated he abiltity to deliver."
Gerhard Wennerström, CEO, Samtrafiken

Project manager training in change management

Moment is a consulting company specialising in project management. Proacteur, a partner of Improviate, delivered with Maria Widström and Sofie Fischer an internal Prosci training course in change management to enhance the ability of Moment’s senior project management consultants to set requirements and manage change, which further improved gains for their clients.

“During the course of the day, all of my consultants learned more about carrying out structured change management with a clear business-based perspective. We’ll benefit greatly from this in our assignments, in particular as regards  change  affecting individuals, groups and entire organisations.”
Jonas Ekberg, consultant manager, Moment